Our paper handling systems are used to complete all activities within a partially or fully automated order picking process and can be combined with existing systems.

Thanks to the high degree of compatibility of our products, they can be used flexibly as an addition to virtually all known conveyor systems.

Exceptional ease of maintenance is achieved thanks to the modular and easily accessible design of the installation and functional elements.

Features and benefits

High productivity, quality, throughput capacity and efficiency thanks to:

  • Saves a considerable amount of time, e.g. via just-in-time print files
  • Automated order processing and processes
  • Automation of time-intensive, monotonous activities
  • Low-noise working
  • Needs-oriented power utilisation

The tasks for an automatic job start and the timely insertion of invoices as well as addressing and/or identification of all goods for dispatch via our paper handling systems are also controlled with precision.

  • Product overview
  • Automatic document insertion
  • Labelling via inkjet
  • Automatic address label handling
Function and application

Schaefer Compact Insertion machines guarantee error-free document insertion into dispatch containers.

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Function and application

The inkjet Labeljet prints directly onto containers and cartons or applies labels.

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Function and application

The ADDRESS INSERTION MACHINE combines the removal, printing and insertion of address cards. This system works with totes that feature a plastic label holder on one side. The totes are conveyed into the machine, automatically facing the right way. The label holder is pulled back. A sensor scans for old address cards and removes them. Once the label holder is vacant, the new card that was printed in the mean time is then inserted.

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