The health and beauty retailer dm markt GmbH offers its customers an extensive selection of products ranging from beauty and health, baby and child products, household supplies to photo services and pet food as well as numerous seasonal offers.

For dm, the smooth and rapid handling of goods plays a crucial role in business success. To ensure a perfect cooperation with its partners and suppliers, the health and beauty retailer decided to engage SSI SCHAEFER and take advantage of its state-of-the-art IT solutions as well as its broad range of services.


SSI SCHAEFER as general contractor

The modernisation project was realised by SSI SCHAEFER in two phases:

  • Phase 1 comprised the entire container conveyor technology including eleven order picking and four repacking stations, five automatic small parts store aisles as well as six high-speed order pickers for buffering.
  • Phase two focused on the complete pallet conveyor system including a fully automated five-aisle high bay warehouse for single and double-deep storage; at the same time the conveying system was linked to the existing electrical overhead conveyor.
Information and consulting
Information and consulting

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The project in detail
Our range of products and services:
  • Steelwork for high-rise pallet racking system
  • Container conveyor technology
  • Eleven order picking and four repacking stations
  • Five automatic small parts store aisles
  • Six "high speed picking devices"
  • Pallet conveying technology
  • Five-aisle fully automated high bay warehouse
  • WAMAS® control system

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